FEderation of Naturists in HUngary
Truth is naked!
2021. január 25., hétfő - Pál Old news

FENHU is INF member

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of the INF Central Committee Meeting
held at the Plaza Hotel, Antwerp

Start Friday, 13.04.07 – 1400 hours
End: Sunday,15.04.07 – 1615 hours

Excerpt: "16.04 HU - Hungary

The new group has requested an orderly INF membership. All topics put up for discussion have been settled. According to article 3, 2) the INF currently has an approved organisation. In accordance with article 3, 4) the CC intends to admit the new organisation. Napora has promised to merge with the group.

Correction: As a result of the vote, Napora is no longer recognized as a federation and the new organization FENHU enters the INF as a federation.'

About naturism and naturists

Motto: "If man was meant to be nude, he would have been born that way� (Oscar Wilde)
The most revealing definition of naturism is even today that of the International Naturist Federation (INF) from 1974:

"Naturism is a lifestyle in harmony with nature, expressed through social nudity, and characterised by self-respect, by respect of people with different opinions and of the environment."

Naturism helps us to escape the weight of the consumer society. Public articles, chlothing which belong to our everyday life almost raise the naturist way of thinking which aims to regain our origin and personality. Naturism helps numerous persons full with complexes about their bodies to accept and to love themselves. Naturist values are of human characteristic: respect for ourselves and others according to tolerance. These are values that every parents would like to pass to their children.

Undoubtedly the most remarkable characteristic of naturism is nudity because naturists undress as soon as the weather and environmental circumstances allow it and they enjoy nature. This is possible in many places in Hungary as well - these are to be found on this homepage and on its links.

Some might think that naturism consists of different constraints, abstentions or restraints. On the contrary; nudity does not mean any prohibition or repression in a naturist companionship but reminds visitors with different intentions that he/she is at a wrong place with his/her desire.

Naturist way of living groups mainly families. Indispensable elements of natural lifestyle are educative and family-supportive. It is not a rarity in countries with century-long naturist past that encounters of generations inside one family occur. This family-oriented naturism is at the same time the safety of our community. The possibility for our children to play undisturbed and without worries is entrusted on all of us. This way of living is totally natural also for the children of naturist parents. Children handle brilliantly too that �natural� and �normal� diverge from each other in this case. Normal means �according to norms� i.e. accepted by the majority of the society which is nowadays the bathing suit (one- or two parts) for women in Hungary but hijab e.g. in Iran.
According to this aspect naturists consider themselves as a liberal, future-oriented minority.

Certainly naturism does not mean only nudity, those who know us are aware how we love and protect nature and our environment.

We are active in Winter as well, our member organizations hire swimming pools, saunas, waterparks (e.g. the Aquaticum in December in Debrecen with great success). We organize naked or textile hiking, canoeing according to weather, and in addition we have institutionalized opening hours during Winter in our welness-chalet that is at disposal exclusively for naturists.

We operate a mailing list (in Hungarian): where inquisitives can ask questions.

�Let the Sun shine on you!� (our favorite greeting)



In accordance with paragraph 12.1 of the Law 1989. II on the right of association and Law 1997. CLVI on non-profit organisations, the General Assembly of the Federation of Naturists in Hungary has accepted the following statutes:

Name of the Federation

Complete name of the Federation: Naturisták Magyarországi Szövetsége Természetbarát és Érdekvédelmi Egyesület
Short name of the Federation: Naturisták Magyarországi Szövetsége
Abbreviation of the name: NAMASZ
Short name in English Federation of Naturists in Hungary
Abbreviation in English FENHU

Seat of the Federation

Aims of the Federation

The Federation exerts its activity in the spirit of the most widespread definition of naturism: �Naturism: to live in harmony with nature, characterised by the practice of common nudity with the purpose to strengthen self-confidence and the appreciation of the environment and of other people.�
The main goal of the Federation � through the protection of interests of its members � is the popularisation of the naturist way of life mainly by promoting the co-ordination of the activities of Hungarian naturist organisations and of private persons, by establishing new contacts between them and by promoting co-operations.
It is the priority of the Federation to popularise naturism, notably a healthy, environmental conscious life style, by supporting leisure, sport and information events, by maintaining domestic and international contacts, by participating in events of organisations pursuing similar aims, and by scientific research.
The Federation and its members undertake it to support physical and mental well-being, to protect nature and the environment, and to prevent the abuse of the notion of naturism (e.g. pornography, paedophilia).
The Federation assumes also the protection of interests, taking steps in order to prevent eventual violations of the interests of naturism and naturists.
In order to reach these aims, the Federation maintains contacts with written and electronic media.
The Federation wishes to be a member of the international naturist organisations and to be represented in their bodies and events. The Federation strives to develop extensive international connections, and tries to integrate its international experiences into domestic practice.

More: www.navke.hu, www.nudi.hu, www.naturista.hu, www.nbbke.hu.