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2021. február 25., csütörtök - Géza Old news
49th Alpe-Adria meeting 2021

The INF-FNI-ENC invites you to assist to the 49th Alpe-Adria meeting which will be organized with the assistance of the Solaris Camping Resort - Naturist
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Planned events 2021

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Costume competition with NaVKE.

Happy New Year!
Merry Christmas!
Close the Levendula Camp
Dear Guests!

Levendula Camping in 2021 due to construction works, will not be open.

Thank you for your understanding!
Levendula Camping Team

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Wellness in Ballószög
Ballószög in September

All-day naturist program on Sept. 2020 Saturday 12th from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

We welcome all naturists this Saturday from 9 am until the closing of the spa (8 p.m.). We will conquer the Aranykor (“Golden Age”) Wellness and Thermal Bath in Ballószög again without our swimsuits. We will also enjoy the sauna. The indoor adventure pool and thermal pool will also be swimsuit-free throughout opening hours.
Given the current pandemic situation, only those are allowed to participate who are healthy and do not have fever. Please keep a sufficient distance from each other when queuing before entering!
The equipment of the spa is unique in Hungary.
2 pools in the covered part:
- a 36-38 °C sitting thermal pool
- a 34 °C adventure pool
- bar
- sauna
- steam cabin
- free sunbeds
- conservatory with palm trees
- log sauna
- adventure pool
- relax beds

Our tickets:
For adults:
For NaVKE members: 3,000 HUF / person
For members of partner organizations: HUF 3,200 / person
Without membership: 3,500 HUF / person
Under 18 years: free
Tickets and lunch prepared in cauldron on open fire can only be paid for in cash on site!
Pre-registration by name is required to participate.
We will respond to applications by email. In case of no feedback (after 2-3 days) please write again or call us.
Please also indicate at the time of registration at what time of the day we can expect you to arrive: in the morning, early afternoon or late afternoon?
Possibility to apply: via the e-mail address navke@navke.hu (or via phone: +36 20 313 9170). The deadline for applications by name is Thursday, September the 10th, 2020 at 12:00 p.m.
In addition to the normal offer of the buffet, there will be a limited amount of hot lunch on site, from 13:30 to 14:30 (potato “paprikas” prepared in cauldron on open fire).
Application deadline for lunch in the cauldron: Wednesday, September the 9th, 2020 at 8:00 a.m. The price of lunch: 1,000 HUF / person
You can register for the sauna programs in advance by e-mail (navke@navke.hu), until 12:00 p.m. on Thursday, September the 10th, 2020, or until the number of available places are reached. You can pick up free coupons on arrival.
One person can participate in and register for max. 2-3 sauna sessions.
Sauna programs:
10:00 Welcome Ballószög! Beer infusion with the music of the Zorall band (sauna master Gábor Gubucz)
10:25 Deep Blue Relax - green algae and sea salt peeling with green clay (sauna master Teodóra Kovács) – Fully booked
10:50 Wanderer of the Desert - firming exfoliator with ground olive seed and shea butter (sauna master Tibor Varga) – Fully booked
11:15 Citrus Mix, Latin program (sauna master Mihály Farkas) – Fully booked
11:40 Stone Age - infusion with baked apples. Also for families (sauna master Gábor Gubucz) – Fully booked
12:05 Magical India - Ayurvedic body peeling - with cane sugar and almond oil (sauna master Teodóra Kovács) – Fully booked
12:30 Asian Dream - pineapple-eucalyptus body scrub (sauna master Tibor Varga) – Fully booked
12:31 Steam: “Let’s steam off” - Chocolate delight in the steam (sauna master Gábor Gubucz)
12:55 Shaman of the Woods - Road to the Wilderness (sauna master Mihály Farkas) – Fully booked
13:20 Mysterious East - stroking with Aleppo balm (sauna master Teodóra Kovács) – Fully booked
13:30 Steam: Orange chocolate glaze (sauna master Péter Kerekes)
13:50 The Afternoon Begins - Light infusion with the music of the band Republic (sauna master Gábor Gubucz) – Fully booked
14:05-14:25 Finnish sauna out of service.
14:25 Herbal, salty, lemon peeling retro session (sauna master Ferenc Gujka) – Fully booked
14:45 Steam: A drop of Morocco - Sweet rhassoul peeling - with orange blossom oil (sauna master Tibor Varga) – Fully booked
14:55 Set for action: Salt rubbing of the pandemic (sauna master Péter Kerekes) – Fully booked
15:25 Latin magic with grape seed oil and honey (sauna master Ferenc Gujka) – Fully booked
15:45 Steam: Coconut delight (sauna master Mihály Farkas)
15:55 Refreshing Soft Touch - Shea butter skin nourishment with avocado oil (sauna master Teodóra Kovács) – Fully booked
16:25 Turning the crazy Rock Legends into honey (sauna master Péter Kerekes) – Fully booked
16:55 Fragrant Ladies’ Breeze - with royal jelly ointment (sauna master Teodóra Kovács) – Fully booked
17:25 Northern Exposure - Ice flood (sauna master Péter Kerekes) – Fully booked
17:45 Steam: Dark chocolate steam pleasures (sauna master Ferenc Gujka) – Fully booked
17:55 Sauna Unplugged, I just give myself - beer yeast wrap with olive oil (sauna master Tibor Varga) – Fully booked
18.25 The Island of Tranquility - Meditation (sauna master Mihály Farkas)
18.55 Purification - Mint sipping (sauna master Péter Kerekes)
19.25 Russian Roulette (sauna master Ferenc Gujka)
If the sauna vouchers are sold out for a certain time slot, it will be indicated on the website. If all the coupons are sold out in advance, please inquire on arrival, because if someone does not come, we will also hand out the remaining sauna coupons. It is worth inquiring on the spot within 10 minutes before starting the sauna program. There are many Finnish sauna programs and steam room chocolates waiting for you.
Please do not open the sauna door after a program has already started! Please arrive on time. Adherence to the start times is mandatory for everyone.
During the sauna program, those who do not wish to take part in the sauna program can visit the smaller Finnish sauna in the pool area, there will be no infusions there, or you can present your own infusions.
The capacity of the log sauna is approx. 20 persons. The steam is comfortable for 6 people at a time, so there are programs for 3x6 people with 10-minute slides.
Other programs:
13:30-14: 30 Lunch option.
Miriam’s yoga by the outdoor pool two times (12:00 and 16:00)
Reading naturist poems on the island (13: 00-13: 15)
The masseur/masseuse of the spa works in the usual place, feel free to ask for them!
Address of the Aranykor (Golden Age) Wellness Thermal Bath:
Southern Great Plain (Dél-Alföld), Bács-Kiskun county
Ballószög, V. district 168. or Aranykor u. 38.

We ask all participants to follow the NaVKE (Virtual Association of Naturists) Policy, which can be read here:

Please note that you should read the alcohol and photography ban points carefully before arrival!



Dutch Party and Sportsweek in Sziki!
Dutch Party on Saturday, 18th July, XXXII. Sportsweek from Monday, 20th July.
Details of our regular program are here:



Dr. Sándor János
SZNE President
International talks in Zoom
On 18th June 2020 Irish Naturist Association presented within the INTERNATIONAL ONLINE TALKS SERIES a discussion on naturism with women from the Balkans and nearby areas. One of the highlighted countries was Hungary. This video displays the presentation on Hungarian naturism by the secretary of the Hungarian Naturist Federation, Rózsa Markács.

See it here!

Alpe-Adria 2020
Corona Vírus
Swimming pool in Kispest
Info: navke@navke.hu

More infó

Móre info and picturas

Canoe tour is Csallóköz

Happy New Year! (2020. 4th January)
Info:More and photo

Merry Christmas!

NaVKE Planned Events in 2020
4th Januray Naturista new years eve in Hajós Alfréd Tanuszoda

1st February Naturist carnival, sauna

7th March Naturist swimming, sauna

4th April Naturist swimming, sauna

28th April Naked Dance Performance in Bakelit Theatre

10-13th April Tour in countryside in France and Italia

23rd May Whole Day Thermal Bath, Sauna, Yoga (in the Ballószög Wellness)

29th May-1st Jun Relaxing with wine. Naturist Hiking.

4th Jun L1 Naked Dance Performance

Jun 20th years birthday celebration of NaVKE Boat Trip

27th Jul-2nd Aug. Rowing tour in Csallóköz rivers

30th Aug. Naturista hiking

Sept. L1 Naked Dance Performance

12nd Sept. Whole Day Thermal Bath, Sauna, Yoga (in the Ballószög Wellness)

10th Oct. Naturist swimming, sauna. 20th years birthday celebration of NaVKE, BYOB

7th Nov. Naturist swimming, sauna

5th Dec. Santa Claus
Santa Claus Party
Place: Esztergom, Aquasziget
date: 2019. december 7. szombat este 20.30-1,00
Registration: navke@navke.hu
More info a NaVKE honlapján!
Swimming in Budapest
More photo!
Happy Birthday NaVKE!
Mpre and photo
Wellness in Ballószög
Date: 2019. szept. 14. szombat.
Info: Kattints ide!
Date: 2019. aug. 24-25.
More: NaVKE honlapja

Dance in the Bakelit Mac
Date: 2019. Sept. 3. Info: Kattints ide!
Welcoming party for our Dutch friends
On Saturday, the 20th of July from 6 pm we organize a welcoming party for our Dutch friends, just before the 31st International Naturist Sportsweek.

You can read the details on the Sziki's site here.

It’s our tradition to celebrate that day. The “fee” to the party is a production again: jokes, tales, songs, acrobatic pantomimes, theater scenes etc. Anything which enjoyable to watch. Either individuals or couples, families or friends can show their talents to the public. Every participants are invited for a free lunch.
Lupa (new club)
A LUPA Natura Klub is tagja lett a szövetségnek.

Elérhetőségük: +36-70-263-1430

E-mail: lupanatura@gmail.com

Alpe-Adria 2019
Wine Tasting in Angéla Farm
Date: 2019. június 15-16.
Place: Angéla Farm, Nemesbük

2018. szeptember 15. szombat 9.00-20.00

Szeretettel várunk minden naturistát ezen a szombaton már reggel 9 órától a fürdő zárásáig (20,00). Ismét meghódítjuk fürdőruha nélkül a ballószögi Aranykor Wellnes és Termálfürdőt.
Cím: 6035, Ballószög, V. körzet tanya 168.
Bővebb infó a NaVKE honlapján.
The MNE awarded to President János Sándor and Secretary General Rózsa Markács.

Solaris camp

10 fős magyar csapat képviselte hazánkat a naturista Sporttalálkozón a Solaris kempingben. Eredmények, helyezések, fotók fent vannak a NaVKE honlapján:Kattints ide!

Volt indulónk tollasban, futásban, asztaliteniszben, kerékpár, kötélhúzás és vízibicikli versenyszámokban. :-)

3 arany:
ping-pong női és vegyes és ffi vizibicikli,

4 ezüst:
kerékpár, tollas és ping-pong női és vegyes.

5 bronz:
kerékpár, tollas, kötélhúzás, ping-pong ffi, és az írekkel párosítva egy strandröplabda 3. helyezésünk is van.

Időpont: 2018. június 13-17.
Helyszín: Solaris Naturista kemping (Porec, Horvátország)

Gratula minden résztvevőnek!