FEderation of Naturists in HUngary
Truth is naked!
2019. november 14., csütörtök - Aliz Old news
Wellness in Ballószög
Date: 2019. szept. 14. szombat.
Info: Kattints ide!
In Délegyháza Oázis Naturista Camp
Date: 2019. aug. 24-25.
More: NaVKE honlapja

Dance in the Bakelit Mac
Date: 2019. Sept. 3. Info: Kattints ide!
31st International Naturist Sportweek fr
The Sziki’s most popular event, the Sportsweek will begin on Monday the 22nd of July.

You can compete in six days both in individual- or in group sports. Beside this, you can relax and meet to some old friend.

Please register to help the organizhers efforts here.

You can find more details on the Sziki's site.
Welcoming party for our Dutch friends
On Saturday, the 20th of July from 6 pm we organize a welcoming party for our Dutch friends, just before the 31st International Naturist Sportsweek.

You can read the details on the Sziki's site here.

It’s our tradition to celebrate that day. The “fee” to the party is a production again: jokes, tales, songs, acrobatic pantomimes, theater scenes etc. Anything which enjoyable to watch. Either individuals or couples, families or friends can show their talents to the public. Every participants are invited for a free lunch.
Lupa (new club)
A LUPA Natura Klub is tagja lett a szövetségnek.

Elérhetőségük: +36-70-263-1430

E-mail: lupanatura@gmail.com

Member"s Card
More info:
Program at 2019
Naturisták Virtuális Klubja Egyesület szervezésében:

-január 12. Naturista pótszilveszter a Hajós Alfréd Tanszodában

-február 2. Naturista uszodai farsang, szauna a Hajós Alfréd Tanszodában

-március 28. L1 Táncszínházi előadás sorozat 1. rész a Bakelitben

-április 6. Naturista uszoda, szauna

-május 11-12. Na-Túra (esőnap: június ?)

-május 18. Egész napos gyógyvizes fürdőzés, szauna, jóga (Ballószögi Élményfürdő)

-május 23-26. Kárpátaljai kirándulás

-június 6. L1 Táncszínházi előadás sorozat 2. rész a Bakelitben

-június 15-16. Borozgatós relax Angéla farmon

-aug. 3-7. Vízitúra

-aug. 18. LetMeC táncelődás Délegyházán

-augusztus 24-25. Na-Túra (esőnap szeptember 9.)

-szeptember eleje L1 Táncszínház

-szeptember 14. Egész napos gyógyvizes fürdőzés, szauna, jóga (Ballószögi Élményfürdő)

október 19. A NaVKE 19. éves szülinapi partija

-december 7. Mikulásünnepség péntek este. Vmi nagy buli lesz megint Esztergomban.

A többi naturista egyesület, helyszín (Ányás, Levendula Kemping, NBBKE, MNE, SZIKI) éves programjait az alábbi konkrét elérhetőségeken kérdezzétek meg. Hamarosan majd ide is felkerülnek részletesen.

Elérhetőségeikhez kattints ide!
Alpe-Adria 2019
Wine Tasting in Angéla Farm
Date: 2019. június 15-16.
Place: Angéla Farm, Nemesbük

Dance Performance (LetMeC) and 25/45
Info here!

Naturist Excursion

See you in Baranya!

May 11-12, 2019

We welcome all naturists this weekend! It will be a special experience, who will not leave you!

Registration via email. Deadline: Thursday, May 9th 12:00 (the staff is important because of the paprika cooked together, for which you are the guests of NaVKE): navke@navke.hu

Tour guide: István Rohoska
May 18, 2019 All day (AM 9:00-PM 20:00)

Info here!
sziki events 2019 summer
27-28th Apr, 2019 Opening Weekend

18th May, 2019 Beautifying the camping

25-26th May, 2019 Children’s day

17-23th June, 2019 Camp of Art

6th July, 2019 Cooking competition

8-14th July, 2019 XX. Young Naturist’s Meeting

20st July, 2019 Welcome Party for Our Dutch Friends

22-28th July, 2019 XXXI. International Naturists Sportsweek

10th August, 2019 The day of the lake

17th August, 2019 Shooting Star Googeling Party

14-15th September, 2019 Closing Weekend
dance in the Bakelit Mac
Márta Ladjánszki: 25/45

2018. szeptember 15. szombat 9.00-20.00

Szeretettel várunk minden naturistát ezen a szombaton már reggel 9 órától a fürdő zárásáig (20,00). Ismét meghódítjuk fürdőruha nélkül a ballószögi Aranykor Wellnes és Termálfürdőt.
Cím: 6035, Ballószög, V. körzet tanya 168.
Bővebb infó a NaVKE honlapján.
Programs in 2017 from autumn to winter
szeptember 6. L1 Táncszínház (NaVKE)

szeptember 08. záró hétvége, diszkó és lampionos búcsú (NBBKE)

szeptember 09. Na-Túra (NaVKE)

szeptember 15-16. Kemping záróhétvége (SZIKI)

szeptember 15. Egész napos gyógyfürdőzés, szauna, jóga Ballószögön (NaVKE)

szeptember 22. Szezonzáró Délegyházán (MNE)

október 6. A NaVKE 18. éves szülinapi partija (NaVKE)

november 3. Naturista uszoda, szauna Budapesten (NaVKE)

december 8. Mikulásünnepség. Vmi nagy buli lesz megint (NaVKE)
Rafting tour on the River Tisza
2018. július 31. kedd - augusztus 4. szombat közt a NaVKE szervezésében.
Kattints ide!

Várunk benneteket is. Kedvcsináló régebbi élménybeszámolókat a honlapon találsz:

On Saturday there will be the Dutch part
On Saturday we will celebrate to arrive our Dutch friends. We are waiting everybody. The cover charge is a production. :) You can find the details on the camp site's home page.

The MNE awarded to President János Sándor and Secretary General Rózsa Markács.

Solaris camp

10 fős magyar csapat képviselte hazánkat a naturista Sporttalálkozón a Solaris kempingben. Eredmények, helyezések, fotók fent vannak a NaVKE honlapján:Kattints ide!

Volt indulónk tollasban, futásban, asztaliteniszben, kerékpár, kötélhúzás és vízibicikli versenyszámokban. :-)

3 arany:
ping-pong női és vegyes és ffi vizibicikli,

4 ezüst:
kerékpár, tollas és ping-pong női és vegyes.

5 bronz:
kerékpár, tollas, kötélhúzás, ping-pong ffi, és az írekkel párosítva egy strandröplabda 3. helyezésünk is van.

Időpont: 2018. június 13-17.
Helyszín: Solaris Naturista kemping (Porec, Horvátország)

Gratula minden résztvevőnek!

Children’s day on Sunday
After we cancelled the programmes of the Children’s Day at Saturday – because of a strong morning shower – we could organize it on Sunday.

As we announced before, Kata found out several games for the kids. They really likeed it from the target-shooting of balloons through the ball swimbelt-throwing and the bowling too. After lunch they continued with throwing the board and waterbombing. Then they finally took part at the pancake-eating and soft drink drinking contest – (with pacifier). Every children enjoyed the day – just check the photos at the Sziki's homepage:
Hiking in spring
Naturist hiking

Dance in the Bakelt
2018. május 10. 18,30
1095 Budapest, Soroksári út 164.

Program: LADJÁNSZKI Márta & VARGA Zsolt:


NaVKE program Ballószögön

Relax in Akácliget

Wellness in Esztergom
2018. április 7. szombat 20,00-24,00
Info:In NaVKE website

Dance in the theater
Ladjánszki Márta: By the way_OFF Info: Here!
Swimming competition. Finals

Carnival in the pool
More info: Here
Happy New Year Party
Happy New Year Party
SZIKI events for 2018 summer
Dear our Guests!

Here you can read about our planned events for the summer of 2018. We look forward to greeting you on our programs.

28th Apr-1st May, 2018 Opening Weekend
19th May, 2018 Beautifying the camping
26th May, 2018 Children's day
18-24th June, 2018 Camp of Art
7th July, 2018 Cooking competition
9-15th July, 2018 XIX. Young Naturist's Meeting
21st July, 2018 Welcome Party for Our Dutch Friends
23-29th July, 2018 XXX. International Naturists Sportsweek
11th August, 2018 The day of the lake
18th August, 2018 Shooting Star Googeling Party
15-16th September, 2018 Closing Weekend
Holidays 2017
Wish you a Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year from Sziki!

Szolja, János, Dia, Attila

Santa Claus Party

In szeptember

2017. szept. 10.
Info: navke@navke.hu
Shooting star googeling party at Sziki

Since last Saturday the evening was rainy we needed to cancel to take on to the water the newly made watercrafts – but this Saturday evening we will perform that.

There will be common grilling at the main fireplace too if you bring your own meat (or by it from the kitchen).

We will close the evening with fireworks.

The meteoroligists are predicts good, warm weather – come and join to our programmes!

We have celebrated of the lake at Sziki
We have celebrated on Saturday our lake with imaginative works, loads of enthusiastic participants – but at late afternoon it turned to adventurous because of the rain.
Some of our most diligents guests are started to make his/her works at the morning. Everyone used extruded polystyrene foam for primary commodity. (Luckily Attila bought special cutter – so that was much easier and precise.) Kids and adults, families and couples threw themself into work – you can see on the photos they made really creative works. Even if our plan was to take on the surface of the water we needed to postpone that because of the weather for this Saturday (the 19th of August) at nightfall.

Some afternoon quiz was cancelled but we organized the popular minefield game. Sandy had been the beauty of the Lake, four man (the four best in beer drinking) carried her on they shoulders (on a wooden throne).

Finally we will take on to the water on this Saturday our selfmade watercrafts. Beside that there will be barbecuing, but you need to bring your own meat – or buy it from our kitchen. After that we will organize fireworks too. (Of course everything is depends on the weather.)

Some of our most diligents guests are started to make his/her works at the morning. Everyone used extruded polystyrene foam for primary commodity. (Luckily Attila bought special cutter – so that was much easier and precise.) Kids and adults, families and couples threw themself into work – you can see on the photos they made really creative works. Even if our plan was to take on the surface of the water we needed to postpone that because of the weather for this Saturday (the 19th of August) at nightfall.

Some afternoon quiz was cancelled but we organized the popular minefield game. Sandy had been the beauty of the Lake, four man (the four best in beer drinking) carried her on they shoulders (on a wooden throne).

Finally we will take on to the water on this Saturday our selfmade watercrafts. Beside that there will be barbecuing, but you need to bring your own meat – or buy it from our kitchen. After that we will organize fireworks too. (Of course everything is depends on the weather.)

You can read the news on the Sziki's site too:

Celebration of the Lake (at Sziki)
On the 12th of August at the Sziki they will hold the Celebration of the Lake (by the idea of our old friend István Turbuk).
Its main topic again is the election of the Queen of the Lake (with tha Main of Honors and Lake Princesses too). They plan to organize at the afternoon family quiz and make BBQ at the early evening time (around 7pm) at the main fireplace (each participants should bring their own meat, sausage or bacon – if you haven’t got you can by from Uncle Misi at the kitchen).

At dark, they are going to put on to the surface of the water our small boats which they made at the afternoon (with a small candle implemented).

At late night Sanyi will organize a fantastic disco with loads of enjoyable tracks.

You can see a few photos from the last few year “Celebration of the Lake”.

Check the article on their renewed site!

Come and celebrate our beloved lake!
Last days of the Sportsweek at Sziki
The adults could join again to the individual sports on the Sportsweek’s Saturday – like 100 meter running, long jump, push ups. Then they played the final matches of the beach volleyball and the volleyball too. We congratulate the Sloven group who won the latter one – and we hope, Józsi will totally recover soon, who injured in that match.

Even it was warmer again at the afternoon, that was lucky the swimming just began in the lake. Not much later another ‘hot weather sport’ came: the beer drinking contest. After that the participants compared their strength in armwrestling.

The traditional body painting contest was the next competition at late afternoon. They mostly made really realistic artworks – like cartoon figures or superheroes or various animals within not even two hours.

The disco – which started at the evening – was really popular Sanyi finished it at very late.

The Sunday was for the relax – but just after the award giving ceremony – everybody got their well earned acknowledgement.

You can find here this article on the Sziki's pase with loads of phototos.

The 4th and 5th day of the Sportsweek
On Thursday the weather turned cooler a bit, but it wasn’t really a problem – we needed to cancel only the ‘swimming with mattresses’. Interestingly more female competitor started to the tire throwing than male. But surprisingly men began to race on the hulahoop ring too.

After that chidren and adults were running in bags – and truly enjoyed it. Just like in the eating of sliced bread with the top of sweetened hazelnut cocoa spread – even the adults ate it in a real funny mode (they came back to ask for more).

The streetball was new here, maybe that’s the reason why a lot of people started to compete it.

Because of the cold evening, the karaoke party was held inside, in the big wooden house. Nearly every participant sang something. For example Solya sang a Russian song and Rowen a Hungarian one. Proposed by G. Zoli the Dutch people chanted Hungarian songs and vica versa. Finally everyone sang together the famous ‘We are the champions’.

On Friday we had nice weather too – nobody could stop the children. Yes, it was the children’s sports day – they were really enthusiastic about all of the sports: 100 meter running, long jumping, ice spitting, mini fishing, balloon throwing, darts and melon eating. The last two was new here, but it turned instantly popular among the kids (and among the ‘bigger kids’, the adults too).

At early evening at the prize-giving ceremonie they got lot of presents (carefully selected by Kata and Solya) – they looked very much happy indeed.

Even it was an exhausting day for the children they were partying until late night on the ‘kid’s disco’.

You can read here the details on the Sziki's page - and you can watch there loads os pictures. Here is just a few of them:

2nd and 3rd day on the Sportsweek
On Tuesday we started the second day of the Sportsweek in mild weather. Maybe because of that a lot of people tried the archery (which was the earliest), there was even a three year old kid.
After that the football tennis started. Then the weather turned even cooler, a good few people played the nine-pin bowling.
The beach volleyball and other single-round competitions have started - except the badminton and the speedminton (these were unplayable because the strong wind).

On Wednesday the weather was sunny and warm again - so nothing could stop the 5 km running. After a short rest a cross-country race began with several competitors in both sexes and age groups.
The tug of war started just before noon in the water (it could be there because of the nice weather). It was quite balanced - they had to fight for a long time.
In the early afternoon we continued with the Suzuki pushing - even the smallest kids could push it to the target.
I already mentioned the better weather, so the badminton and speedminton competition could continue, luckily. (Of course the other sports continued as well.)
There was a drawing competition between the kids, too. At the end of the day they made really creative works.
In the evening they held the poker contest with many participants - that's why it ended very late.

On Thursday lots has happened, but I'll leave it for the next post!

On Sziki's site you can find this news here:

The Sportsweek started in the Sziki
On Monday we started the 29th International Naturist Sportsweek with the opening ceremony. Our sportsweek will close on Sunday with the award ceremony. We have two new sports: darts and watermelon eating.

It's important for those who would like to take part in multi round sports to start as soon as possible. (Who didn't apply yet, go to find Kata and do it quickly. If you have any problems or questions turn to any animator.) There are multi round sports which you have to finish until Thursday: ping pong, badminton, chess, billiard, petanque, table football, speedminton, ulti and turul. You can finish the football tennis and the beach volleyball until Saturday . (That doesen't mean you can start at the last day of it - that would be the day of the final matches.)

Of course for the single round sports you have to be at the correct place when it starts. For example there will be nine-pin bowling today from 3 pm and we will start with the 5 km running tomorrow mornig at 8 am (that's the only sport for which we need to go out from the campsite - so it's recommended to wear clothes). Please follow the 'timetable', - which you can find on the big wooden house, on the buffet, on the kitchen and on the reception, just like here online (in a pdf file) - don't miss anything. All the results will be pinned up on to the big wooden house, too - as soon as possible.

As usual, we divide the applicants into three groups: the foreigners, Szeged, and the Hungarians (except for Szeged). On Sunday the winning group will receive the switch cup at the announcement of results.

Not only the animators but guests too will help us to organize some sports events - like turul, volleyball and football tennis. (Many thanks to them!)

Even though Friday will be the children's day we have programmes for the kids every day - Eszti will play with them. (You can find the details on the usual places: big wooden house, buffet, restaurant, reception.)

Unfortunately the weather is a bit cool and windy today, but at least that's good for pub games, like table football and billiard. Luckily the meteorologists predicts warmer and sunnier weather from tomorrow (even hot again at the weekend).

So come to compete or just cheer and support!

29th International Sportsweek at Sziki
Dear sports fans,

We invite you (both adults and chidren) to participate at the 29th International Naturists Sportsweek. It will starts on this Monday (the 24th of July) morning. We introduced new sports too - but we keep the good old types also. It's mean you will not have time to bore yourself. :)

You can choose them one by one and sign here at the Sziki personally but you can apply online to follow this hyperlink as well.

Here you can see the schedule (a pdf file) for the whole week.
We expect you to come!

100 guests celebrated our Dutch friends
In the Sziki the 'before party' of our Welcome Party for Our Dutch Friends already begun on Friday (for the huge loss of prestige of Sándor Jancsi) when circa thirty camp guests celebrated Imre's birthday (who is the local doyen of naturism). Meanwhile all of our Dutch friend had arrived and prepared for the evening party (with the help of Kata, who organised most of the evening together with Dia).

Around hundred guests took part at the event - I guess that was because uncle Misi's fine cooking (every presenter got a meal of chicken stew and two pencakes). I just mention now a few example for the productions: card tricks, sleight of hand, Dutch-Hungarian water polo final match, money magnet parody, singing, poem, rhyme and recitation telling by children and by adults.

Rowen was the translater from Hungarian into Dutch, Sanyi was the DJ at this 'Dutch Party' and after the disco too - which finished nearly at dawn (with a good few persistent dancers).

Thank you for the participation for everyone, that will be a beautiful beginning of our Sportsweek - which is just starts now (on Monday).

Programs at 2017
(See the brackets for the organisers and “links” for their contact information.)
For NaVKE events, prior registration is required!


7th: New Years afterparty at the Szentmihály swimming pool. Naturist pool party, swimming contest, pool games, competitions (NaVKE)
14th: New Year Replacement (SZIKI)
30th: General assembly. Annual report, selection of functionaries, yearly program, budget (NaVKE)

4th: Naturist swimming and sauna opportunity at the Hajós Tanuszoda pool (NaVKE)

4th: Carneval (SZIKI)
11st: Naturist swimming and sauna opportunity at the Kispest pool (NaVKE)

1st: Naturist swimming and sauna opportunity in an indoor pool in Budapest. (NaVKE)
7-10th: Excursion the countryside: Felvidék (NaVKE)
22th: Naturist day thermal party: Swimming, sauna opportunity, water games, contests and fun in Ballószög Aranykor Wellness (near Kecskemét)
23rd: Earth Day trip to the naturist beach at lake Velence and cleaning of the beach (NaVKE)
28th. Opening day in Balatonakali (Levendula Camp)
29th: Opening party at the Sziki Camping (SZIKI)
30th. Opening party in Délegyháza (MNE)

12-13rd: Opening party at the Balatonberény Camping (NBBKE)
14th: Naturist hiking on the lowland (Alföld)(NaVKE)
20th: Beautifying days in the camp. (SZIKI)
20th: Wine tasting. Code war. (NBBKE)
27-28th: Horse carriage. Rose wine blind tasting in Akácliget (NaVKE)
27th: Meditation and cinema evening (NBBKE)
28th: Childrens’ Day (SZIKI)
27-28th: Childrens’ Day (MNE)

3-5th: Canoe trip (NaVKE)
3-4th: Egyesületi vacsora. Diszkó. Honvédő íjászat (NBBKE)
10th: MNE cooking competition and motorcyclists gathering.MNE)
10th: Health Day (Paleo főzés. Mentőautó bemutató, vérnyomás, vércukor mérés. Naturista Véradó nap. Önkéntes véradás) (NBBKE)
14-18th:The 45th Alps Adria Meeting with Sports Tournaments of the
International Naturist Federation will be held in Camp Solaris in Porec
17h: Hungarian swimming day. Swimming and water polo competition. (MNE)
17th: Darts, petanque, biliard. Cinema evening (NBBKE)
19-25th: Arts School (SZIKI)

1st. Társegyesületi Találkozó (TET) (NaVKE)
1st: Cooking day (NBBKE)
1st: Camping day (Levendula Kemping)
7th: Musical evening (Levendula Kemping)
8th: Full Moon / White Party. Disco, coctail party (NBBKE)
8th: Cooking day (SZIKI)
8-9th: White Moon Party. Grass tutu and salsa weekend. (MNE)
9. v. 16. Affiliated Society (TET)? (NaVKE)
14th: Musical Evening (Levendula Kemping)
10-16th: The 17th Young Naturists Camp at Sziksósfürdő (NaVKE-SZIKI)
15th: Ratatouille Cooking Competition (MNE)
15th: Művészetek Hétvégéje. Diszkó (NBBKE)
22nd: Camping day (Levendula Kemping)
22th: Dutch Party (SZIKI)
22th: Pöpec parcella, erőspaprika evő, sörivó verseny. Beach Party, diszkó (NBBKE)
24-30th: 29th International Naturist Sport Week (SZIKI)
26-30th: Naturist canoe trip (NaVKE) 28th: Strandok éjszakája a Nagy Strandon (MNE)
28th: Musical evening (Levendula Kemping)
29th. Dinnyefaragó verseny. Disco (NBBKE)

4th: Musical evening (Levendula Camp)
5th: Camp of day in Balatonakali (Levendula Camp)
5th: Sports day in Balatonberény. Dinner. Disco. (NBBKE)
5th: Oldmeeting naturists (III. DNBT) Disco in the evening (MNE)
12th:Lake-day (SZIKI)
20th: NaVKE meeting and NaturLista meeting in Délegyháza (NaVKE)
19-20th: Sunset and meteor watching party (SZIKI)
19-20th: St. István Day in Balatonberény (NBBKE)
19-20th: Celebration, commemoration, competition, disco, fireworks in Délegyháza (MNE)
26th: Theatrical evening (NBBKE)

2nd: Szüreti mulatság. Szőlős sütik vására, Wine tasting. (NBBKE)
9th: Closing party in Balatonberény (NBBKE)
10th: Closing party in Balatonakali (Levendula Kemping)
9 or 10th: Naturist hiking on the lowlands near Kecskemét (NaVKE)
16-17th: Closing party at Sziksósfurdő (SZIKI)
23rd: Closing party at Sziksósfurdő (MNE)
23rd: Naturist day thermal party: Swimming, sauna opportunity, water games, contests and fun in Ballószög Aranykor Wellness (near Kecskemét)
23rd: Closing party in Délegyháza (MNE)

14th: NaVKE’s 17th Birthday Party at a Budapest pool. Swimming contests, water games, competitions. (NaVKE)

4th Naturist swimming and sauna opportunity at a Budapest indoor pool (NaVKE)

2nd: Naturist pool party at the big water park. Swimming contests, water games, competitions. Santa Claus has an appointment there with our kids! (NaVKE)

We are looking forward to meeting you at our events!


Levendula Naturista Kemping, Balatonakali
Phone: 36 30 309 7797 vagy 36 87 544 011
E-mail: info@levendulacamp.com vagy levendulacamp@gmail.com

Magyar Naturisták Egyesülete (MNE)
http://www.naturista.hu, mne@naturista.hu, Phone: 24 512 845 és 70 248 8980

Naturisták Berényi Barátok Köre Egyesület (NBBKE)
http://www.nbbke.hu, Phone:70-381-1892

Naturisták Magyarországi Szövetsége (NAMASZ) :
http://www.namasz.hu, info@namasz.hu Phone:20-313-9170 és 20-967-3702

Naturisták Virtuális Klubja Egyesület (NaVKE)
http// www.navke.hu, navke@navke.hu, Phone: 20-313-9170

SZIKI Egyesület, Sziksósfürdő
http://www.natours.hu, info@natours.hu, Phone: 20-249-8616
Young Meeting

Canoe Trip
Date: 2017. július 26-30.

River: Öreg-Túr (North-est Hungary)
Registration: navke.navke.hu

Alpe-Adria 2017
Dátum: 2017. június 14-18.
Helyszín: Porec, Solaris Kemping (Horvátország)

Eredmények:(a lista nem teljes, jelezd ha vmi nem helyes)

Gyerek futás:
1. hely Darinka

Gyerek sakk:
3. hely Darinka

Ügyességi kerékpár
1. hely Darinka

Ffi asztalitenisz
1. hely Gábor
3. hely S. Jancsi

Nő asztalitenisz:
2. hely Mária

Vegyes asztalitenisz
1. hely Gábor és Margó
2. hely Laci és Mária

Női futás:
1. hely Szolja
2. hely Margó

Férfi futás
2. hely Gábor

2. hely Margó

2. hely Gábor

2. hely Gábor és Margó
3. hely Laci és Mária

2. hely (Ditke, Margó, Gábor, Árpi)

In Akácliget
Info here
SZIKI events for 2017 summer
Dear our Guests!

Here you can read about our planned events for the summer of 2017. We look forward to greeting you on our programs.

29th Apr-1st May, 2017 Opening Weekend
20th May, 2017 Beautifying the camping
27th May, 2017 Children's day
19-25th June, 2017 Camp of Art
8th July, 2017 Cooking competition
10-16th July, 2017 XVIII. Young Naturist's Meeting
22nd July, 2017 Welcome Party for Our Dutch Friends
24-30th July, 2017 XXIX. International Naturists Sportsweek
12th August, 2017 The day of the lake
19th August, 2017 Shooting Star Googeling Party
16-17th September, 2017 Closing Weekend
Happy Birthday FENHU!
Date:2016. július 2.
Place: SZIKI
Alpe-Adria Meeting 2016