FEderation of Naturists in HUngary
Truth is naked!
2021. január 17., vasárnap - Antal Old news
sziki events 2019 summer
27-28th Apr, 2019 Opening Weekend

18th May, 2019 Beautifying the camping

25-26th May, 2019 Children’s day

17-23th June, 2019 Camp of Art

6th July, 2019 Cooking competition

8-14th July, 2019 XX. Young Naturist’s Meeting

20st July, 2019 Welcome Party for Our Dutch Friends

22-28th July, 2019 XXXI. International Naturists Sportsweek

10th August, 2019 The day of the lake

17th August, 2019 Shooting Star Googeling Party

14-15th September, 2019 Closing Weekend