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2021. január 27., szerda - Angelika Old news
2nd and 3rd day on the Sportsweek
On Tuesday we started the second day of the Sportsweek in mild weather. Maybe because of that a lot of people tried the archery (which was the earliest), there was even a three year old kid.
After that the football tennis started. Then the weather turned even cooler, a good few people played the nine-pin bowling.
The beach volleyball and other single-round competitions have started - except the badminton and the speedminton (these were unplayable because the strong wind).

On Wednesday the weather was sunny and warm again - so nothing could stop the 5 km running. After a short rest a cross-country race began with several competitors in both sexes and age groups.
The tug of war started just before noon in the water (it could be there because of the nice weather). It was quite balanced - they had to fight for a long time.
In the early afternoon we continued with the Suzuki pushing - even the smallest kids could push it to the target.
I already mentioned the better weather, so the badminton and speedminton competition could continue, luckily. (Of course the other sports continued as well.)
There was a drawing competition between the kids, too. At the end of the day they made really creative works.
In the evening they held the poker contest with many participants - that's why it ended very late.

On Thursday lots has happened, but I'll leave it for the next post!

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