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2021. január 27., szerda - Angelika Old news
The Sportsweek started in the Sziki
On Monday we started the 29th International Naturist Sportsweek with the opening ceremony. Our sportsweek will close on Sunday with the award ceremony. We have two new sports: darts and watermelon eating.

It's important for those who would like to take part in multi round sports to start as soon as possible. (Who didn't apply yet, go to find Kata and do it quickly. If you have any problems or questions turn to any animator.) There are multi round sports which you have to finish until Thursday: ping pong, badminton, chess, billiard, petanque, table football, speedminton, ulti and turul. You can finish the football tennis and the beach volleyball until Saturday . (That doesen't mean you can start at the last day of it - that would be the day of the final matches.)

Of course for the single round sports you have to be at the correct place when it starts. For example there will be nine-pin bowling today from 3 pm and we will start with the 5 km running tomorrow mornig at 8 am (that's the only sport for which we need to go out from the campsite - so it's recommended to wear clothes). Please follow the 'timetable', - which you can find on the big wooden house, on the buffet, on the kitchen and on the reception, just like here online (in a pdf file) - don't miss anything. All the results will be pinned up on to the big wooden house, too - as soon as possible.

As usual, we divide the applicants into three groups: the foreigners, Szeged, and the Hungarians (except for Szeged). On Sunday the winning group will receive the switch cup at the announcement of results.

Not only the animators but guests too will help us to organize some sports events - like turul, volleyball and football tennis. (Many thanks to them!)

Even though Friday will be the children's day we have programmes for the kids every day - Eszti will play with them. (You can find the details on the usual places: big wooden house, buffet, restaurant, reception.)

Unfortunately the weather is a bit cool and windy today, but at least that's good for pub games, like table football and billiard. Luckily the meteorologists predicts warmer and sunnier weather from tomorrow (even hot again at the weekend).

So come to compete or just cheer and support!