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2021. január 27., szerda - Angelika Old news
29th International Sportsweek at Sziki
Dear sports fans,

We invite you (both adults and chidren) to participate at the 29th International Naturists Sportsweek. It will starts on this Monday (the 24th of July) morning. We introduced new sports too - but we keep the good old types also. It's mean you will not have time to bore yourself. :)

You can choose them one by one and sign here at the Sziki personally but you can apply online to follow this hyperlink as well.

Here you can see the schedule (a pdf file) for the whole week.
We expect you to come!

100 guests celebrated our Dutch friends
In the Sziki the 'before party' of our Welcome Party for Our Dutch Friends already begun on Friday (for the huge loss of prestige of Sándor Jancsi) when circa thirty camp guests celebrated Imre's birthday (who is the local doyen of naturism). Meanwhile all of our Dutch friend had arrived and prepared for the evening party (with the help of Kata, who organised most of the evening together with Dia).

Around hundred guests took part at the event - I guess that was because uncle Misi's fine cooking (every presenter got a meal of chicken stew and two pencakes). I just mention now a few example for the productions: card tricks, sleight of hand, Dutch-Hungarian water polo final match, money magnet parody, singing, poem, rhyme and recitation telling by children and by adults.

Rowen was the translater from Hungarian into Dutch, Sanyi was the DJ at this 'Dutch Party' and after the disco too - which finished nearly at dawn (with a good few persistent dancers).

Thank you for the participation for everyone, that will be a beautiful beginning of our Sportsweek - which is just starts now (on Monday).