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Programs at 2017
(See the brackets for the organisers and “links” for their contact information.)
For NaVKE events, prior registration is required!


7th: New Years afterparty at the Szentmihály swimming pool. Naturist pool party, swimming contest, pool games, competitions (NaVKE)
14th: New Year Replacement (SZIKI)
30th: General assembly. Annual report, selection of functionaries, yearly program, budget (NaVKE)

4th: Naturist swimming and sauna opportunity at the Hajós Tanuszoda pool (NaVKE)

4th: Carneval (SZIKI)
11st: Naturist swimming and sauna opportunity at the Kispest pool (NaVKE)

1st: Naturist swimming and sauna opportunity in an indoor pool in Budapest. (NaVKE)
7-10th: Excursion the countryside: Felvidék (NaVKE)
22th: Naturist day thermal party: Swimming, sauna opportunity, water games, contests and fun in Ballószög Aranykor Wellness (near Kecskemét)
23rd: Earth Day trip to the naturist beach at lake Velence and cleaning of the beach (NaVKE)
28th. Opening day in Balatonakali (Levendula Camp)
29th: Opening party at the Sziki Camping (SZIKI)
30th. Opening party in Délegyháza (MNE)

12-13rd: Opening party at the Balatonberény Camping (NBBKE)
14th: Naturist hiking on the lowland (Alföld)(NaVKE)
20th: Beautifying days in the camp. (SZIKI)
20th: Wine tasting. Code war. (NBBKE)
27-28th: Horse carriage. Rose wine blind tasting in Akácliget (NaVKE)
27th: Meditation and cinema evening (NBBKE)
28th: Childrens’ Day (SZIKI)
27-28th: Childrens’ Day (MNE)

3-5th: Canoe trip (NaVKE)
3-4th: Egyesületi vacsora. Diszkó. Honvédő íjászat (NBBKE)
10th: MNE cooking competition and motorcyclists gathering.MNE)
10th: Health Day (Paleo főzés. Mentőautó bemutató, vérnyomás, vércukor mérés. Naturista Véradó nap. Önkéntes véradás) (NBBKE)
14-18th:The 45th Alps Adria Meeting with Sports Tournaments of the
International Naturist Federation will be held in Camp Solaris in Porec
17h: Hungarian swimming day. Swimming and water polo competition. (MNE)
17th: Darts, petanque, biliard. Cinema evening (NBBKE)
19-25th: Arts School (SZIKI)

1st. Társegyesületi Találkozó (TET) (NaVKE)
1st: Cooking day (NBBKE)
1st: Camping day (Levendula Kemping)
7th: Musical evening (Levendula Kemping)
8th: Full Moon / White Party. Disco, coctail party (NBBKE)
8th: Cooking day (SZIKI)
8-9th: White Moon Party. Grass tutu and salsa weekend. (MNE)
9. v. 16. Affiliated Society (TET)? (NaVKE)
14th: Musical Evening (Levendula Kemping)
10-16th: The 17th Young Naturists Camp at Sziksósfürdő (NaVKE-SZIKI)
15th: Ratatouille Cooking Competition (MNE)
15th: Művészetek Hétvégéje. Diszkó (NBBKE)
22nd: Camping day (Levendula Kemping)
22th: Dutch Party (SZIKI)
22th: Pöpec parcella, erőspaprika evő, sörivó verseny. Beach Party, diszkó (NBBKE)
24-30th: 29th International Naturist Sport Week (SZIKI)
26-30th: Naturist canoe trip (NaVKE) 28th: Strandok éjszakája a Nagy Strandon (MNE)
28th: Musical evening (Levendula Kemping)
29th. Dinnyefaragó verseny. Disco (NBBKE)

4th: Musical evening (Levendula Camp)
5th: Camp of day in Balatonakali (Levendula Camp)
5th: Sports day in Balatonberény. Dinner. Disco. (NBBKE)
5th: Oldmeeting naturists (III. DNBT) Disco in the evening (MNE)
12th:Lake-day (SZIKI)
20th: NaVKE meeting and NaturLista meeting in Délegyháza (NaVKE)
19-20th: Sunset and meteor watching party (SZIKI)
19-20th: St. István Day in Balatonberény (NBBKE)
19-20th: Celebration, commemoration, competition, disco, fireworks in Délegyháza (MNE)
26th: Theatrical evening (NBBKE)

2nd: Szüreti mulatság. Szőlős sütik vására, Wine tasting. (NBBKE)
9th: Closing party in Balatonberény (NBBKE)
10th: Closing party in Balatonakali (Levendula Kemping)
9 or 10th: Naturist hiking on the lowlands near Kecskemét (NaVKE)
16-17th: Closing party at Sziksósfurdő (SZIKI)
23rd: Closing party at Sziksósfurdő (MNE)
23rd: Naturist day thermal party: Swimming, sauna opportunity, water games, contests and fun in Ballószög Aranykor Wellness (near Kecskemét)
23rd: Closing party in Délegyháza (MNE)

14th: NaVKE’s 17th Birthday Party at a Budapest pool. Swimming contests, water games, competitions. (NaVKE)

4th Naturist swimming and sauna opportunity at a Budapest indoor pool (NaVKE)

2nd: Naturist pool party at the big water park. Swimming contests, water games, competitions. Santa Claus has an appointment there with our kids! (NaVKE)

We are looking forward to meeting you at our events!


Levendula Naturista Kemping, Balatonakali
Phone: 36 30 309 7797 vagy 36 87 544 011
E-mail: info@levendulacamp.com vagy levendulacamp@gmail.com

Magyar Naturisták Egyesülete (MNE)
http://www.naturista.hu, mne@naturista.hu, Phone: 24 512 845 és 70 248 8980

Naturisták Berényi Barátok Köre Egyesület (NBBKE)
http://www.nbbke.hu, Phone:70-381-1892

Naturisták Magyarországi Szövetsége (NAMASZ) :
http://www.namasz.hu, info@namasz.hu Phone:20-313-9170 és 20-967-3702

Naturisták Virtuális Klubja Egyesület (NaVKE)
http// www.navke.hu, navke@navke.hu, Phone: 20-313-9170

SZIKI Egyesület, Sziksósfürdő
http://www.natours.hu, info@natours.hu, Phone: 20-249-8616