FEderation of Naturists in HUngary
Truth is naked!
2021. január 27., szerda - Angelika Old news
Night program at Délegyháza

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Old naturists meeting at Délegyháza

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7th day of the Sportsweek
Well, this has also come to say goodbye to this week. Mother nature "cried" as well in the form of a small rain in the morning.
The prize giving ceremony was held in the beach where first it was about the statistics: we had about 160 participants from 9 countries. The fact that of this 160 people 44 were children proves that this is a family friendly place. We had many active families, whose all members took part in almost every programs.
After this the individual results followed in a productive increasing order. Than the people who come here all year and play turul were given a cup as an appreciation from us.
This year the Slovenians aka the foreigner volleyball team took the volleyball cup, but the county team (Hungarians not living in Szeged) won our new challenge cup for one year.
In the end we thanked the help and work of the organizers, the animators and the staff and of course everyone's activity.
Those who wanted to, they still could go to yoga for one last time at 3 p.m.
We are waiting back everybody next year same place, same time!!
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