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2021. február 25., csütörtök - Géza Old news
5th day of the Sportsweek
One more thing for yesterday's report: at night there was a fantastic karaoke party! Everyone gathered around the buffet and there were some really nice productions as well. Thanks to Dj Golden Rod.
Friday was the children's day. From every age we had many parttakers, all together 44 (!). They all did well and took part in almost every program.
They started the day with 100 m running, long jump, push ups and the very famous ice spitting competition. (Since there were so many children taking part we had to do the adults' ice spitting on Saturday.) On the beach they did the mini fishing and the balloon throwing which ended up in a huge water balloon fight. On the apple eating competition even adults took part. :-)
In the afternoon they did the armwrestling and mini sziki sumo and after all these there was the prize giving ceremony where every child got their diploma, medal and of course many presents. The day ended with children's disco.
Photos here!
6th day of the Sportsweek
The last day has come when people could still do sports. Just like yesterday the athletic sports opened the day (such as 100m running, long jump, push ups where the best result was 105 and of course swimming).
In the afternoon we continued with ice spitting with the best result of 10 and a half meter, and then the who is browner competition.
Because of the armwrestling and beer drinking the mood became just as if we were in a huge pub. And the last program was everyone's favourite, the body painting.
Today were the semi-finals and finals of the weekly sports and the big volleyball matches were also held today. The foreigner team aka the slovenians won the volleyball tournament!
At last in the party at night everyone could celebrate their results and rest a bit after this tiring week. :-)
Photos here!