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2021. február 25., csütörtök - Géza Old news
4th day of the Sportsweek
This year we have many children and women participants in comprison with the previous years, we appreciate this very much!
We started the day with tire-throwing and then the hulahoop ring competition followed.
Because of the heat the other programs were held in the afternoon which were the following: running in bags and jam and bread eating competitions which were originally programs for the children, but for years now we always have an adult cathegory as well. :-)
The "aquatic rooster" championship and the swimming with matrasses were really refreshing in this warm weather.
The yoga meditation which is held twice a day is getting more and more famous for women and men too.
Tomorrow is the day for the children (except for the ice spitting) and the adults can go on with their weekly sports.
Photos here!