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2021. január 27., szerda - Angelika Old news
Sportweek registration
Dear Everyone!

The 28th International Natourist Sportsmeeting or the Sportsweek will start very soon! We, the organizers and we hope that you too are looking forward to it. Let's spend a week together full of competitions and joy again!
The Dutch Welcoming Party on this Saturday (18.07.) will start the Sportsweek as in every year, where the "entry fee" for the night is a small funny or interesting show by a family or by a pair or by yourself. In exchange you are our guest for the dinner and for the party itself. :-)
We will have some new programs for this year:
- on Monday afternoon and after that everyday at 9 a.m. Mirjam will held natourist yoga and meditation as a fresh start for the day!
- there will be ulti games (card) until Thursday!
Here are the new schedules for the week, you can already plan with it, moreover you can register for the programs on the following link! :-) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1QyPrWxgkCH5LD6YNgtEvX_9wu16isGrZzUFnQvta6ps/viewform

We are waiting for all of you with lots of love!
The organizers