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2021. január 17., vasárnap - Antal Old news
Naturist Camp of Art next week at Sziki
Dear Guests,

Camp of Art will be held at Sziki next week. This year more than dozen of artists, painters, sculptors, photographers, cameramen, goldsmiths will create in the camping for a week, and then an exhibition will be held on Saturday, where you can take a look on their artistic creations. On weekdays you can be involved in their creative work as well as an amateur artist or as a model (or maecenas :-) ), but everyone is welcome to come by our naturist artists as well.

You can contact us at: info@natours.hu, +36202498616


Jancsi Sandor

Just to make it easier for you to come, see below from the past years:

Kattints ide!
Kattints ide!
Kattints ide!
Kattints ide!