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SZIKI events for 2015 summer
Dear our Guests!

Here you can read about our planned events for the summer of 2015. We look forward to greeting you on our programs.

1-3rd May, 2015 Opening Weekend
23rd May, 2015 Beautifying the camping
30th May, 2015 Children's day
22-28th June, 2015 Camp of Art
4th July, 2015 Cooking competition
6-12th July, 2015 XVI. Young Naturist's Meeting
18th July, 2015 Welcome Party for Our Dutch Friends
20-26th July, 2015 XXVII. International Naturists Sportsweek
15th August, 2015 The day of the lake
20th August, 2015 Shooting Star Googeling Party
19-20th September, 2015 Closing Weekend