FEderation of Naturists in HUngary
Truth is naked!
2021. január 17., vasárnap - Antal Old news
Sportsweek 2014 5th day
Friday was the kids' day. They began with the 100 m running, and after that, they could try themselves out in long-jumping. It also revealed how strong they are: at the push-up contest. The adults with childish souls had an opportunity to compete in ice-spitting, but it would've been awkward if they had also participated in mini-fishing and balloon-throwing. As a healthy dessert after lunch, the kids could consume an apple each at the apple-eating contest. Then came the arm-wrestling and the conventional martial art of the Sziki : Mini Sziki Sumo. The day was ended with a prize-giving ceremony, and of course, a disco was also held in honor of the little ones.