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2021. február 25., csütörtök - Géza Old news
Sportsweek 2014 2-3rd day


The view of the cloudy sky couldn't discourage the brave participants of the archery contest, where each of them,at all ages,shot 3 arrows to practice and other 3 to compete.(Some remarked, it would've been funnier if someone had stood in the target's place with an apple on the top of his/her head, according to the legend of Wilhelm Tell...)

The bowling also turned out to be popular.


In spite of the stormy conditions, the contestants of the 5000 m running were still enthusiastic (some even a little more than needed,as they found 5 km too short...) The ones who weren't familiar with the distance, could also have a chance to show their athletic talents at the few-hundred-meter cross-country race, but had to suffer some time crossing the ice-cold water in return...

After that, the strong ones rushed to the tug of war and the Suzuki-pushing. We finished the day with poker.