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2021. február 25., csütörtök - Géza Old news
Dutch Party

Starting with a 1-minute silence, candle lighting and Szolja's beutiful threnody which expressed our condolence with the Dutch victims of the aircrash and the Ukrainian victims of the war there we saw a lot of funny and enjoyable performance at the Dutch Welcome Party . The brave participants (as the only criteria for the performance was the enough braveness :) ):

Bence, who did tricks with a tabletennis ball, Ottó told jokes, Réka, Laci, Margit and Victória shared with us a very cute family-song, the two-years-old Boti sang Hungarian and Dutch songs alone(!), Rob sang also with his family. Timi's wet T-shirt performance was followed by Attila who played the Sziki's ranger, Gábor sang a song called: White rocks. Laci and Eta shared the recipe of the most delicious cherry pie with the audience, Zsolt made a very good mood of his jokes about Dutch people. Jani sang a son of Neil Sedaka, Gabesz, Mr. Earl and Jani/Robi brought us the atmosphere of Hawaii. Zsuzsanna told riddles to the audience, but the Dutch people could make an awesome atmosphere with a big dance. János prepared for the party with 3 great songs, Petra was enchant everybody with her flute solo. The performance ended with Jack and Rob's song.

After these programs there was a big and cool/hot disco with DJ Sanyi until 2 AM.
Photos here!