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2021. február 28., vasárnap - Elemér Old news
Shooting Star Googeling Party
Hi Everyone!

In Sziki on the weekend of the 20th of August (Hungarian national holiday) traditionally take part the usual sport- and beach programmes and it is also the time of huge barbequing.

That's why

on the 17th of August, Saturday evening there'll be a COMMON FIRE!

We'll provide various firing opportunities back in the grill place, all you have to do is bringing something you're going to cook!

For those who don't have anything to cook, they'll be invited for gulyás soup and pancake made by Misi and Erzsi.

We'd like to know in advance how many of us will be there so please let us know if you come or not and if you'll bring your own food or you'll ask for gulyás and pancakes!

We have also a tradition called István's day, because this is the nameday of the people called István they'll probably bring up something for everyone to show.

And if you somehow missed the Perseidas or you haven't seen enough shooting stars recently, than you should definetely come to this event:

on the 19th of August, Monday the Shooting Star Watching party will be held, it's gonna be a great event for everyone!

It's a long weekend and it would be a shame if someone missed so come as many of you as possible!

Earlier pictures to get in the mood for it:

Greetings: the team of Sziki





The Ceremony of the Lake
Our next to last event in Sziki will be held on the 31st of August, Saturday, and it is called "The Ceremony of the Lake".

Since it's going to be a tradition-making party, we are waiting for your ideas about the event.

What is already sure:

Early in the afternoon:

-The Biggest "Bomb" Jump of the Year competition from the platform in the middle of the lake (in solo, in pairs, in teams, and all together, you can start practicing!)

-water-show, a huge demonstration on the lake with the most various and decorated vehicles regardless of being able to swim or not (you can already book the vehicles of Sziki for example the kayaks, but we are waiting for more own "ships" like these, the more the better!)

In the evening:

-barbequing all together at the grill place

-candle lighting on the lake - hundreds of candles will float on the water, you can release a simple candle on the lake or you can add some decorations to it

-big party at night

I'm waiting for the ideas and experiences of everyone as well!

Sándor Jancsi