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2021. január 27., szerda - Angelika Old news
Sportweeks in Sziki! + Dutch Party this


Here is the schedule of the Sportsweek in Sziki! The participants of the sportsweek can compete in the enclosed sport contests, be prepared for all the exicting sport challanges that awaits you here. :-)

This year the Sportsweek will be held between 22-28 July.


Dutch Welcome Party this Saturday (20th July)!

We invite all of you fondly to our traditional "Greeting our Dutch Friends Party", which is held by the fireplace in the 20th of July at 6 p.m.! Please bring chairs and tables!

The catering (meals-drinks) are free, and there's no entry fee,


"entry" is a small performance per families or a group of friends! This can be dance, singing, funny scenes, weird abilities, etc.., with what you can entertain the others! :-)

The Sándor's are waiting for You

Registration at the reception!
Tel.:+36 20 249 86 16, e-mail: info@natours.hu


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