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2021. január 27., szerda - Angelika Old news
Cooking competition at Saturday - before
Hello Everybody!

I really hope that everyone is getting ready for this event, the cauldron, knives, wooden spoones are already prepared, because I'm pretty hungry and perhaps I'll try to push myself into the jury!
-you can enter for two categories: 1. Main- and one-course dishes, 2. Other dishes (e.g. desserts)
-entry fee: your entrance- or your accomodation fee :-) , but only if you don't have a season ticket
-what we provide: place and wood, water, opportunity to wash or clean the dishes (or yourself :-) )
-in order to avoid "sponging", you can decide who you want to invite for your meal after you've finished it
-however we suggest to separate a small part of your dish (samples, or tasters) for the curious guests (and of course a much bigger part for the jury members!!)
-as usual we select the members of the jury watchfully: only neutral, unattached, blameless chowhounds people can be a part of the jury; we've already started to look for them.

Till Saturday I'm going to discuss about other details with experts.

Some appetizer for Saturday:

We are looking forward to your entries, the order matters because of the small shadowy places, so be quick!


Sándor Jancsi
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