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2021. január 27., szerda - Angelika Old news
Closing Exhibition of the Naturist Art C
Hi Everyone!

So far it has become a tradition in every year to spend a week in the name of art and naturism. This is the 7th Naturist Art Camp started at this Monday, and it lasts till this Sunday, but many of the artists had already arrived last Sunday, when we celebrated the 25th anniversary of Sziki.

One photoartist, one photographer, one cameraman, four painters, one graphic artist, two sculptors, one flame-enamel artist, two jewellery creators and one folk emroider take part in the life of the camp, but this week our every guest can be a model, artist, supporter (of the artists) or any of these combined.

We also have Sieglinde Ivo here as our guest, she’s the president of the International Natourist Federation (INF). She joined us for this week’s event.

Most of the artists are hungarian but here are also people from Ukraine, Romania and Serbia.

During the whole week creations were made continuously. From Saturday till Sunday the artists held an exhibition of their actual and earlier works, where everyone could purchase what they liked in a very friendly price. :-)
On Saturday afternoon bodypainting will be the programme where professional and amateur painters can show their skills on special canvases, since the canvas will be the human body itself.

You can see some more pictures about this event in our closed Facebook group!

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