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2021. február 25., csütörtök - Géza Old news
The new pilot-program in Sziki!
It’s not ready yet, but it works already!

As a response to the request, many of you have asked, we've made it possible to reach all the data of your current consumption. You are now able to take a look at it from all over the world. :-)

This weekend a lot of guests were already asked to do a strange favour, when entering the camp. They were asked at the reception to give a password and to change their habitual card’s number, the one, which starts with the letter P. So they were able to create an optional user name, ranged from 2 to 8 characters. For example I could finally change my code to „Me” :-), and I guess many of you will create a funny, typical user name like that (Jack can be Jack, etc.).

After choosing a user name and a password, all of us will be able to get information about
-our personal data
-our current consumption
on our webpage nudi.hu, or on this direct page: sziki.nudi.hu

Here are some of your options:
-you will be able to change your password (by yourself)
-check up on your data.
Our reception provides help in these cases:
-if you forgot your password
-if your data or your consumption differs from your real data or consumption
If you wish to change an item of your data, all you have to do is clicking on its name twice, then send the new data directly to our reception.

Furthermore, you can ask for a new user name and a temporary password also via e-mail now, so hurry up if you want to reserve a cool user name for yourself! :-) Otherwise you can manage to fix your user name and password later in person at our reception.

Best regards,
Sándor Jancsi