FEderation of Naturists in HUngary
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2021. február 25., csütörtök - Géza Old news
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The founding members of the Federation of Naturists in Hungary (FENHU), the Virtual Association of Naturists in Hungary (NAVKE), the Naturists’ Cirlce of Berény (NBBKE) and the Naturists of Sziksósfürdő (Sziki) have met with the new presidency of the Hungarian Naturist Association (MNE) at the office of the Federation.

The agenda was point 8 of the cooperation agreement singed in 2005, where the founders expressed the wish for a deeper and wider cooperation in the future.
Six years later, one of the goals, the accession of the Hungarian Naturist Association (MNE) is being considered again, but is still subject to the of the general assembly to be held in spring.
We also tried to synchronise our programme schedules, which will soon be available on our member associations’ websites.

Our spirited and promising talks were rounded up with a nice evening together in a spa.