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Naturist programs in 2011
Naturist programs of NaVKE in 2011

8th Jan New Years afterparty in the swimming pool (Kispesti uszoda, night)

5th Feb Naturist carnival with sauna at Kispesti swimming pool

26th Feb Visiting the Dandar thermal bath

5th March Naturist swimming pool and sauna in Kispest

11-15th March Excursion around Sopron with naturist sauna at the accomodation.

26th March Visiting the Dandar thermal bath

2nd April Naturist swimming pool and sauna in Kispest

24th April Cleaning of the naturist beach of Velence lake at the Day of the Earth

7-8th May Naturist wine taste (Naturist Park Szigetmonostor)

end of May Naturist canoe tour

18 or 19th June 24th Naked Tour

2nd July Naturist boat excursion on the Danube

11-18 July 12th Meeting of the Young Naturists at the Sziksósfürdő naturist camping

August Naturist canoe tour

20 Aug Club and mailing list meeting at Délegyháza

3 Sep 25th Naked Tour (in the case of rain: 18-19th Sep)

15 Oct Naturist swimming pool and sauna in Budapest

12th Nov Naturist swimming pool and sauna in Budapest

3rd Dec Naturist swimming pool and sauna in Budapest Aquaworld), Santa Claus for children

Programs and access of the other members of FENHU:

Programs of the Naturist Club of Balatonberény (NBBKE):
http://www.nbbk.hu, Tel.: +36 20-9114945
May: Opening of the camping
June: Opening ceremony of the club
24-26th June: Open Day and games
end of Aug: Sport Day and closing ceremony of the camping

SZIKI Club, Sziksósfürdő (http://www.natours.hu) info@natours.hu, Tel.: +36 20-249-8616
30 April: Opening ceremony of the camping
28-29 May: Children’s Day
13-19 June: Meeting of the Artists
July: Cooking contest
11-17 July: 12th Meeting of the Young Naturists in the organisation of NaVKE
23rd July: Meeting with our Dutch friends
25-31st July: 23rd International Sport and MCCC Meeting
20th Aug: Watching the sunset and the meteorites
17-18th Sep: Closing ceremony of the camping
Szigetmonostor Naturist Park, http://www.naturistasziget.hu, pannat@t-online.hu
16-17th April: Opening ceremony with stew-pot
7-8th (in the case of rain 14-15th) May: Naturist wine taste
4-5th June: Strawberry Festival
9-10th July: Naturist Petanque Contest and Archery show
9-11th Sep: Cooking contest

News of the FEderation of Naturists in HUngary (NAMASZ - FENHU): http://www.namasz.hu,info@namasz.hu or 20-313-9170 és 20-967-3702
INF Spring Rally: Ifjúsági találkozó
26-28th May: Meeting of Eurepean Federations (Sweden)
19th June: World Day of Naturists
23-26th June: 39th ALPE-ADRIA Naturist Meeting (Solaris Camping, Croatia)
Aug: Pétanque contest (Germany)
Sep: Family week-end
Nov: Swimming Gala (England)

Everybody is welcome at our programs! Advance notification is expected for the programs of the NaVKE at navke@navke.hu e-mail address or +36-20-313-9170 phone number.
Year-end greetings from NAMASZ
Dear naturist friends!

Let us greet you fondly on the occasion of the end-year holidays and wish you all to have much more sunshine than we had this year - and also a good fun.

In spite of the generally negative tendencies and the raw weather we can evaluate the events of this year in Hungary positively from the naturists' point of view. The fact that some plans proved to be unrealisable was primarily due to the lack of money.

I would like to highlight only some of our programs such as the expansion of the naturist beaches, camping, sauna and wellness facilities, the new initiatives taken in this field, the great variety of programs, water trips and naturist hikings, art and youth camps, home and international sports competitions with the great results achieved, the children's day, the opening and closing parties and anniversaries.

While two or three years ago we were aiming at organising a naturist program for every week in Hungary if possible, this year our members could often be almost puzzled by the abundance :-). However this plentifulness could be observed during the negotiations of the program organisers above all, who are still doing their job in a polite and commendably refined manner, in spite of its getting more and more difficult, and often they cannot succeed since there are more programs than weekends.

We participated actively in international naturist fora and programs (Youth Spring Rally in Germany, EUNATCOM in Luxemburg, Alpa-Adria in Croatia, World Congress in Italy).

You can find more detailed information regarding this year on the homepages of NaVKE (Virtual Association of Naturists) and Sziki (Naturist Beach and Camp, Sziksosfurdo) (http://navke.hu/index.php?main=program , http://nudi.hu/frisshirek.php) and on the websites of our other members present on the NAMASZ (Federation of Naturists in Hungary) homepage (http://namasz.hu/kapcsolat.php?leng=hun).

Our programs for next year will also soon be posted on our websites, we welcome all of you.

Let the sun shine on you!

In the name of the NAMASZ presidency:

Dr. Sándor János