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2021. január 27., szerda - Angelika Old news
Alpa-Adria Meeting
This year the Alpa-Adria Sportsmeeting was at Camp Slaris, Croatia too, between 2nd and 6th June.

There was 23 participants from Hungary, most from SZIKI and NaVKE.

Our results:

1st place: Ábel Jani, Fábián Attila, Hegyesi Krisztián, KisCsicsó, Zsuzsi
2nd place: Hajdu Laci+ Eta, Kiss István, Miklós Zoli, Rózsa

-kids running 400 m
1st place: KisCsicsó

-men's running 800 m
2nd place: Herbák Józsi
4th place: Ábel Jani

-women's running 800 m
1st place: Lukácsi Petra
2nd place: Schneider Zsóka
3rd place: Simicz Icuka
4-5th place: Hajdu Eta és Gy. Zsuzsi

2nd place: A csapat tagjai: Csicsó, Hegyesi Krisztián, Horváth Vera, Miklós Zoli, Schuszter Józsi, Sch. Zsóka

-pingpong men:
1st place: Csicsó
2nd place: Miklós Zoli

-pingpong women
3rd place: Icuka
4th place: Gy. Zsuzsi
6th place: H. Eta

-pingpong mixed
2nd place: Csicsó + Icuka
3rd place: Zoli + Vera
4th place: Sándor Jancsi + Zsuzsi

-beach volleyball men
3rd place: H. Krisztián + Csicsó
4th place: Sch. Józsi + Miklós Zoli
5th place: Herbák Józsi + Kiss István

-beach volleyball women
1st place: Petra and Vera

We brought more than 30 medals. There wasn't just in 3 event hungarian starter: check, tennis and petanque.

Thank you for everybody the attendance.

You can see more pictures about the event here.>