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Programs in 2010
Naturisták Virtuális Klubja Egyesület (NaVKE) (http://www.navke.hu)

9th January New Years afterparty at the Kispest indoor pool. 21:00-01:00 Naturist pool party, swimming contest, pool games, competitions

6th February Naturist swimming and sauna and naturist carnival party at the Dagály Bath

6th March Naturist swimming and sauna party at the Kispest swimming pool

12-15th March Excursion to Őrség, sightseeing and naturist sauna opportunity at the accommodation

10th April Naturist swimming and sauna party at the Kispest swimming pool

17th April The 8th Naturist wine tasting in Szigetmonostor

25th April Cleaning of the naturist beach of Gardony at lake Velence on the Day of the Earth

8-9 May May Day in Szigetmonostor and the Naturist wine tasting

10-13th June Naturist canoe trip (Ipoly)

20th June The 22th naturist hiking

27th June - 3rd July Naturist canoe trip (Dráva)

11-18th July The 11th Young Naturists Camp at Sziksósfürdő

6th August Swimming contests, water games, competitions in Ráckeve, Aqualand swimming pool

8-15th August Naturist canoe trip (Tisza)

20th August NaVKE meeting and NaturLista meeting

28th August 23. Naturist hiking

4th September Cooking party in Szigetmonostor

18th September Shiptour on Danube

16th October NaVKE's 10th Big Birthday Party at a Budapest pool. Swimming contests, water games, competitions

6th November Naturist swimming and sauna party

4th December Naturist pool party at the water park. Swimming contests, water games, competitions. Santa Claus has an appointment there with our kids!

From autumn sauna parties on every week in a hotel at Budapest.

Further informations: navke@navke.hu or 20-313-9170

Naturisták Berényi Barátok Köre Egyesület (NBBKE)
(http://www.nbbk.hu) Tel.: 20-9114945

14th May Camp Opening Party

18-20th June Association Opening Party

End of August Sports Day and Closing party at Camp

From autumn to spring monthly sauna parties.

SZIKI Egyesület, Sziksósfürdő (http://www.natours.hu) info@natours.hu, Tel.: 20-249-8616

1-2nd May Opening party of the Naturist Beach and Camp

22-23th May Childrens Day

15-21th June Arts School

10th July Cooking contest

11-18th July The 11th Young Naturists Camp by NaVKE

24th July Dutch Party

26th July -1st August XXXI. International Naturist Sport Week

18-19th September Closing party

Ányási Természetbarátok és Naturisták Egyesülete:
e-mail: andris111@citromail.hu, tel. 70-277-6869

Naturisták Látóképi Egyesülete ( www.naturistaklatokep.hu)
Érdeklődni: zsoleszbolesz@citromail.hu vagy 70-771-8571, 30-943-2898

Szigetmonostori Naturista Park (Szigetmonostor - Surány határában) Open in whole year. It can be found 28 km from Budapest.
Registration: pannat@t-online.hu vagy 20-352-2691

Angéla Farm, Nemesbük e-mail: fraudodi@t-online.hu tel: 20-981-8157

Balatontourist Zrt (Balatonakali, Levendula Kemping) Tel.: 36-87-544-011 E-mail: levendula@balatontourist.hu

Naturisták Magyarországi Szövetsége (FENHU) news:
http://www.namasz.hu, info@namasz.hu
vagy 20-313-9170 és 20-967-3702

6-7th February Carnival (Finland)

3-4th March Int. Meeting (Luxemburg)

12-16th May Int. Young Ralley (Hamburg)

20th May Spring Meeting (Torino)

3-6th June A 38. Alpa-Adria Sportmeeting (Croatia)

7th June Naturist Day

28-30th August Pétanque championship (Germany)

11-18th September Tuch Tour (Spain)

8-12th September 32. Naturist worldcongress (Italy, Pizzo Greco)

7-14th November Swimming Gala (England)

14th November Aquapalace (Czech, Prague)