FEderation of Naturists in HUngary
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The first meeting
On July 1, 2006 had the three Hungarian naturist organizations the statutory meeting of a national umbrella federation. Other naturist organizations and naturist groups had sent their representatives, too. The media also took part on this event.

1. Participants:

- Dr. Szentgyörgyi Pál, Vice-Mayor of Szeged
- Dr. Sándor János, Managing Director of Natours Ltd., president of SZIKI Naturists Association (SZNA), prospective president of the today-founded Federation of Naturists in Hungary (FENHU)
- Balogh Tibor, president of the Naturisták Berényi Baráti Köre Egyesület (NBBKE),prospective vice-president of FENHU
- Somogyi Ádám, president of the Association of the Naturists` Virtual Club (NaVKE), prospective vice-president of FENHU
- Markács Rózsa, Secretary-General of FENHU
- Gyovai Jenő, president of Naturists from Ányás with two presidency member

- Csete Péter, representing the naturists of Lupa Island
- Török Mária representing the naturists of Omszki-Lake
- Nagy Zoltán representing the naturists from Szalkszentmárton
- Vida József and Dr. Sárosi István from Délegyháza as themselves (Dr. Sárosi István was elected as first honorary member of FENHU)

and many other naturists from different parts of Hungary.

2. The events were:

10 a.m. General Assembly of the Federation of Naturists in Hungary
11 a.m. Inauguration of the new Wellness-Centre (Dr. Szentgyörgyi Pál, vice president of Szeged had inaugurated it)

12 a.m. Show: Fitness, taek-won-do, belly-dance, traditional dances, singing performances
1 p.m. Press conference, reception

8 p.m. live music & dance